Headlight Restoration & Refurbishing

Does your car have Headlight Glaucoma?

Of course we’re poking fun – but hazy headlights can a serious issue.  Clouded lenses mean lowered light coming out the car headlights and that can be a serious threat to safety.  Hazy headlights can compromise night vision by sometimes up to 80%!

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is the main culprit in headlight clarity degradation, compounded by other environmental factors and general wear and tear. The problem tends to be worse in warmer, sunny climates.  Plus, more modern vehicles use replaceable bulbs with plastic lenses that are more prone to discoloration, rather than the older more-durable glass sealed-beam units.

headlight-glaucoma1Fortunately, our experience shows that even some of the worst headlight covers can be made clear again.  If you’ve never before seen how dramatically headlight restoration can change not only the clarity of your beams, but also the perceived shape of your car, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

Here at Driveline, aside from mechanical restorations and safety checks, headlight restoration is part of what every used car we refurbish goes through on its way to getting ready to be sold in our lots.

If you’ve got the time and gumption, you can make some good progress on this issue with some power tools, elbow grease, and toothpaste!   If not, give us a call to find out how quickly we can professionally take care of that headlight glaucoma!

If you do decided to tackle this chore yourself, here’s some professional hard-won advice we can give you:

  • If your lenses are clear but your lights appear dimmer than what you remember, you may just need new bulbs.
  • Some simple cleaning with glass cleaner can help less severe cases, especially if you live in an area with a lot of snow, ice, and road salt.  If you don’t see much of a difference after using the glass cleaner, you probably need professional work on it.
  • If you decide to purchase a ‘restoration kit’, examine your lenses closely before purchase. If they appear clear, don’t use a lens restoration product because they are abrasive and can easily damage lenses.  Most of these products require buffing out; make sure you use microfiber rags to not leave a residue.
  • Any cleaning method you use will require plenty of elbow grease.  The harder you work, the better your results.